Nate.3.0 - Live and Unscripted

Welcome to the funk shop. Your one stop haven for all things me. Pretty much just a masturbatory excuse for me to wallow in the glory of all that which is me. Fucking awesome, isn't it?

To learn more about moi, check out the Bio Section. Click on the Pics link to find some of my attempts at photography. Wanna know what's on my mind at any moment in time? Check out the Blog, yo. The Music page is a link to my TagWorld site where I upload all kinds of musical demo goodness. Peep my Video link to check out my YouTube profile, with my video favorites and a few vids that I created my damn self. And the MySpace link should be pretty self-explanatory. It's a link to (get this) my MySpace profile.

So enjoy shitheads. Welcome to the inner workings of my sad little mind.

-- nate.3.0


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